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Why does my insurance go up when I buy a New Car?

By February 29, 2020No Comments

If you’ve just purchased a new car, you’re probably asking yourself, “why did my insurance go up”?   We have many customers who ask the same questions of us.  There could be many reasons for this but generally it’s due to all those new fancy gadgets that come with new cars.

Consider the cost to replace a windshield in any new car today compared to that of one from 5 yrs ago.   Today an average windshield will cost between $800 and $2000.  Why you might ask.  Windshields today have driver assistance systems & forward collision warning systems.

Let’s talk about those little bumper run ins we have from time to time.  Think of your first car. What was the bumper made of?  Aluminum right?    How about today?  Technology, Technology and Technology. Today we have sensors for everything.  These range from automatic emergency braking,  lane departure warnings, adaptive cruise control, etc.   You get the idea?  From what I can find on our wonderful web, average cost to repair a new bumper can be anywhere between $1500 & $3000 and this again doesn’t include cost to recalibrate all the settings.

How about those new LED headlight assemblies…..average cost today?  $800 to $1600.  Side mirrors are no longer ones you can replace yourself.   These side mirrors contain turning signal & blind spot warnings..  Standard mirrors on average cost $300 to $500, Fancy ones, $1,000 to $2500.

Costs vary with each make and model but I hope you get the idea.

We all love the safety features and gadgets that come with our new cars and cars are much safer today then ever.  Unfortunately accidents happen and costs to repair these gadget filled cars of ours continue to increase.

Hopefully these new  gadgets will prevent fewer accidents but then again, we all need to keep our eyes on the road.


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