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Confused about Stacking vs Non Stacking with Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist Coverage?

By June 14, 2019No Comments

You wouldn’t be alone….

According to recent data, 12% of U.S. drivers drive without insurance.   A greater percentage drive with low limits of liability,  making them unlikely to be able to compensate you in the event they cause an accident injury you or your family.  Your insurance policy covers these 2 types of drivers are generally known as uninsured & underinsured motorists.

These 2 coverage’s cover you in the event you are injured by one of these drivers.  It also covers you against  hit & run drivers.  Coverage is only activated when the other driver is at fault.

Ok, so what does non stacking & stacking mean?  Stacking allows you to multiply the liability limits by the number of vehicles .  For instance, your uninsured/underinsured limits on your policy are $100,000/$300,000 and you have 2 vehicles on your auto policy.  You could potentially collect up to $200,000/$600,000, 3 vehicles-$300,000/$900,000 and so on.    Non stacking simply offers the limit you’ve chosen.  These coverage’s are used to pay for medical bills or other related expenses.

Are premiums the same for stacking and non stacking?  No, premiums for stacked limits are slightly higher.  Your insurance professional can quote both to give you a better idea of cost.

If your’re still confused, give us a call.


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